FAQ – Enter/Pre Race Registration

What are the entry prices if I enter between now and event day?
Half Marathon $75, 15km $60, 10km $50, 5km $40, Matua Mile $15.

When do online entries close?
Online entries and postal entries will close at 5.00pm Friday April 7, 2017. Additional entries will be accepted at pre-race registration venues (see info below)

Can friends/family enter late at pre-race registration on Saturday?
Yes. It will be strictly cash only for all late entries. There are ATM machines inside Bayfair Shopping Centre.

Can friends/family enter late at pre-race registration on Sunday?
Yes. It will be strictly cash only for all late entries. There is NO ATM at Fergusson Park or in the Matua area so please come prepared.

Is there a pre-race registration on Saturday 8 April, 2017?
Yes. Bayfair Shopping Centre in Mount Maunganui will be home to our pre-race registration on Saturday April 8, 2017. Please see map below for location.

Pre-race registration will run from 10.00am to 6.00pm and is compulsory for all registered participants.  For directions to Bayfair Shopping Centre please view this link

I can’t make the pre-race registration on Saturday 8 April, 2017 – what do I do?
“Out of Towners” who are planning to arrive in Tauranga after 6.00pm Saturday will be able to register inside the Otumoetai Sport and Recreation Centre at Fergusson Park (your start/finish venue) from 6.15am on race morning but will need to arrive onsite at least 30 minutes prior to their event’s start time. We realise not 100% of locals can make pre-race registration either due to other work or family commitments.

What do I bring to pre-race registration?
Please bring along your e-ticket. If unable to print your e-ticket please don’t stress – we’ll just ask you some basic questions.

What time should I arrive at Fergusson Park on race morning?
If you were unable to register on Saturday we recommend being inside the Otumoetai Sport and Recreation Centre at least 30 minutes prior to your event’s start time. If you have registered on Saturday it’s really up to you when you arrive – Fergusson Park Clubrooms will be open from 6.15am.

Race briefings for the respective events can be found here.
21km Race Briefing
Race Briefing 15km
Race Briefing 10km
Race Briefing 5km
Matua Mile Race Briefing

Do I enter the run or walk category?
If you are thinking of jogging or running AT ANY POINT in the event you do need to be entered in the run category. The walking category is only for those who have committed to walk the event from start to finish. Please ensure you are entered in the right category when you enter or simply switch your category with the pre race registration team if required.

Will the walk category be policed?
No. We will do our best to ensure all participants enter the correct category (run or walk) at pre race registration but that is where our policing stops. No event staff will be policing that each walk category participant will be strictly walking across the entire event course on the day as this is not an official sanctioned walk event. At the post event prizegiving we will announce the provisional winners of the walk category based on the provisional results that we have. Post event, if you believe a particular participant needs to be altered from the walk to the run category please email through all details luke@eventday.co.nz and we will follow up with that participant. If that participant agrees that they should be switched, we will switch them in the results. If they disagree or communication cannot be made with that participant they will remain in the walk results.

Can a friend/family member register for me?
Yes. If unable to print your e-ticket please just ensure your friend/family member has all your correct details to make things speedy for the registration team.

What is the Tauranga Half Marathons refund and transfer policy?
Here’s the official wording… Should the event be cancelled or stopped for any reason, or personal circumstances arise that prevent me from participating (or completing the event), I accept that my entry fee is non-refundable. Entries are only transferable at the discretion of the Event Organisers and will incur a transfer fee of $15.00.

Why am I unable to receive a refund?
There are a multitude of reasons why you may no longer be able to participate (or wish to participate) in this event after entering: – You’ve got minor tweaks / strains or major injuries – You’ve got family / fitness / transport / work / health problems etc. We have to keep things simple and fair for all competitors that we communicate with, therefore we have a blanket non-refundable policy regardless of what has happened that makes you no longer able to participate in the event. While your entry fee is non-refundable we do give you the opportunity to transfer your entry to someone else for $15.00. This transfer could be to a friend / family member / running partner. The transfer needs to be into the same event option you entered (or one of lesser value). We will provide you with a promo code for your friend / family member to use when they enter online. When they enter the promo code they will be charged a $15.00 admin fee and then processed just the same as other entrants. How you work out the finances following that $15.00 transaction is entirely up to you!

Can I transfer my entry to the 2018 event?
No. Entries cannot be transferred to 2018 event.

I want to transfer up (increase my distance option) – how do I do this?
Simply email through your request to us as soon as you can. Additional entry fees will be payable at pre-race registration to reflect the greater value of the new event (cash only).

I want to transfer down (decrease my distance option) – how do I do this?
Simply email through your request to us as soon as you can. NOTE: To cover admin costs no refunds will be made to reflect the lesser value of the new event.

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