FAQ – Events

What time do the events start?
Half Marathon run and walk 7.00am.
15km run and walk 8.15am.
10km run and walk 9.00am.
5km run and walk 9.45am.
Matua Mile at 10.30am.

Race briefings for the respective events can be found here.
21km Race Briefing
15km Race Briefing
Race Briefing 10km
Race Briefing 5km
Race Briefing Matua Mile

What elevation is gained in each of the event courses?
Half Marathon – 110m.
15km – 120m.
10km – 40m.
5km – 30m.
Matua Mile- 20m.

How many aid stations are there on the event courses?
Half Marathon – 6 aid stations.
15km – 3 aid stations.
10km – 2 aid stations.
5km – 1 aid station.
Matua Mile – no aid station.

What product will be on the aid stations?
R-LINE will feature on all aid stations (along with water).
Check out www.rline.co.nz

Are there toilets on the courses?
Yes. All courses pass public toilet blocks along the route at regular intervals.

Can I take my ipod on the event course?
No. Not recommended. You need to be alert to our event marshals’ instructions, to other participants and traffic nearby.

Do I enter the run or walk category?
If you are thinking of jogging or running AT ANY POINT in the event you do need to be entered in the run category. The walking category is only for those who have committed to walk the event from start to finish. Please ensure you are entered in the right category when you enter or simply switch your category with the pre race registration team if required.

Will the walk category be policed?
No. We will do our best to ensure all participants enter the correct category (run or walk) at pre race registration but that is where our policing stops. No event staff will be policing that each walk category participant will be strictly walking across the entire event course on the day as this is not an official sanctioned walk event. At the post event prizegiving we will announce the provisional winners of the walk category based on the provisional results that we have. Post event, if you believe a particular participant needs to be altered from the walk to the run category please email through all details luke@eventday.co.nz and we will follow up with that participant. If that participant agrees that they should be switched, we will switch them in the results. If they disagree or communication cannot be made with that participant they will remain in the walk results.

Can I push a buggy/stroller on the event course?
No. Not recommended on the 21km, 15km or 10km or 5km courses. Buggy/strollers are welcomed on the Matua Mile course. Have a question? Please email luke@eventday.co.nz

What are the course cut-off times?
The cut-off time for all course at 10.45am.

**HALF MARATHONERS PLEASE NOTE: In addition to the course cut-off time of 10.45am finish at Fergusson Park it is a requirement from Tauranga City Council and in accordance with our Traffic Management Plan that all the roads in the CBD are reopened to vehicle traffic at 9.30am. At 9.30am any competitors still on the CBD section of the course will need to shift from the road to the footpath. Please be aware that our tail end charlies and/or event staff will communicate this to you on the day should this cut-off time affect you.

Will there be directional arrows and km markers on the course?
Half marathon – red directional arrows and red km markers on the course.
15km – blue directional arrows and blue km markers on the course.
10km – black directional arrows and black km markers on the course.
5km – green directional arrows and green km markers on the course.
Matua Mile – no signage or km markers on the course. Entrants simply follow marshal instructions and a roped lane on the Fergusson Park fields.

Directional signage is very hard to miss at a size of 600ml x 600ml. Km marker signage is also large at 400ml x 400ml. Please treat all km markings as approximate – in most situations km markers are placed on the nearest lamppost to the true km mark.

What time should I arrive at Fergusson Park on race morning?
If you were unable to register on Saturday we recommend being inside the Otumoetai Sport and Recreation Centre at least 30 minutes prior to your event’s start time. If you have registered on Saturday it’s really up to you when you arrive – Fergusson Park Clubrooms will be open from 6.15am.

Where do I park?
All Half Marathon participants will be allowed to park inside Fergusson Park from 6.15am (very bottom of Tilby Drive, Matua). The park will remain open to participant vehicles until the parking areas inside Fergusson Park are full. Once the “carpark full” sign is placed out at the park entrance the only parking that will be available will be in the streets surrounding the park. Please allow time to park and to get to the start line on the morning and respect the friendly locals.

Will there be an area to store my gear during the race?
Yes. Inside the Clubrooms and up on the stage. We’ll provide you a gear tag to record your name and race number on and tie to your bag while you’re out running.

Are there any changing rooms at Fergusson Park?
Yes. The Fergusson Park clubroom has full changing rooms. Showers for post event too!

What will be happening at the finish line?
Alan Reeves will be calling everyone home across the finish line.
The Heart Foundation so be onsite – please bring your coins and help support our official charity partner.
Coffee (thanks to Inca Fe)
R-LINE electrolyte will be inside the finish pen.
Podium Podiatry will be onsite showcasing the latest New Balance shoe range.  40% off for event day only!
Marathon World Travel will be onsite showcasing how they are “running the world!”
Diego Health + Fitness will be providing post event massage.
There’s a playground for the kids!
The water is just metres away for a post event dip!
We call Fergusson Park the perfect finish venue!
Thanks very much to Richard at the Otumoetai Football Club for allowing us to utilise the fantastic clubrooms at Fergusson Park.

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